THEMBA: a charity dedicated to sustainable development

Our Mission

Our mission is to alleviate poverty by improving the quality of life for individuals, groups and communities through the judicious use of their local natural resources. 

We will achieve this by fostering the use of suitable technologies for:

  • harnessing appropriate sources of renewable energy,
  • promoting the sustainable use of biomass,
  • supporting research, education and training, and; the dissemination of information. 

Philosophy summary

Our philosophy can be found in full in the menu under philosophy.

Themba believes that change can only be achieved through meaningful dialogue and proper education. This avoids ineficiencies of top down and bottom up approaches as money is often used up before it reaches the poor in a top down approach and people do not know what questions to ask with a bottom up approach. Also we believe time is essential to build a long lasting partnership needed for meaningful change in poorer communities.